You can develop a coaching agreement with us on parish leadership. The coaching is usually provided by e-mail or phone.

Focus: Agreements may focus on matters such as the implementation of a major developmental initiative (see Wonderful & Sacred Mystery),  the long term increase in your leadership abilities or a more immediate challenge or possibility. For example --

  • "I'd like guidance in developing and implementing several developmental initiatives over the next couple of years. My sense is that the parish is ready for change and could jump start itself into a much healthier position."
  • "I've participated in Shaping the Parish, CDI, or a conflict workshop. I'd like assistance to continue integrating what I learned into my work in the parish."
  • "I'll be retiring in another two years. Parishioners know that an announcement will be coming about my retirement at some point though I haven't said anything specific to people. I'd like coaching in managing the dynamics and making best use of the time I have remaining in the parish."
  • "A conflict has emerged recently. I want some 'shadow consulting' as I try to effectively face into the situation."
  • Your bishop has contacted you and us asking if we might develop a coaching agreement. 

Structure: A coaching agreement can be designed to fit your situation. For example -- 

  • Time units - You contract for 6 hours of time for a charge of $700. Work is done and a record kept of the time used. Time may be used in phone conversations or e-mail exchanges. Preparation and follow up work is counted against the time.
  • A specific structure - Half hour phone conversations every two weeks with a weekly check in by e-mail for the other weeks.

Some Standard Elements: We usually ask that you complete several instruments (FIRO B, MBTI. TKI, etc.) before beginning the coaching process. You may also be expected to read books or documents that relate to your situation. 

To arrange for a coaching agreement contact Michelle Heyne