The Sanctification of All

Parish Retreat Day
Christ Church, Frederica, GA
Saturday September 27, 2014

9:00 am - 3:30 pm
In the Parish Hall




The group's requests for resources was largely around the Daily Office.

On-line Resources

Daily Office On-line - Using your iPad, computer or phone to say the Office

The Book of Common Prayer: on-line - The whole BCP including all the Offices

Short forms

We discussed the usefulness of having short forms for the Office. Using them isn't the same thing as doing a fuller Office but it is a way of participating in the Daily Prayers of the People of God when you simply can't or won't take the time for more.

Compline - A modified form of Compline. Two pages. Best run back-to-back. 

Short Office - Morning and Evening Offices in inclusive and traditional language. Run back-to-back and fold

Very Short Office 

Canticles The traditional morning canticle - The Song of Zechariah: Benedictus Dominus Deus and evening canticle - The Song of Mary: Magnificat  Two pages. Best done back-to-back on card stock 

Picture - Bob's niche for sitting and using the Canticles card



Articles on saying the Office

How to Pray

Loneliness of the Long-Distance Office Reader

A worksheet



What you'll be doing
This is an opportunity to explore spiritual issues and practices in our own lives and create a Rule of Life (your own spiritual discipline)


Advance Readings
If possible please complete these readings before the retreat day. 
The Episcopal Way - Our roots are in the Celtic and Benedictine traditions of spiritual life — the common prayer of communities, day by day, week by week, shaping belief and action. In the 16th century, that tradition expressed itself in Thomas Cranmer'sBook of Common Prayer.
Episcopal EthosAnglicanism has a culture, an ethos. In his short tract, The Anglican Way, James Fenhagen emphasized three elements: comprehensiveness, personal holiness, and holy worldliness.
Spiritual PracticeWe live our lives with family and friends, in the workplace and as citizens of cities and nations. It is in the routines of those places and circumstances that we serve one another. It is there that we can be "instruments of the divine compassion."
Spiritual Maps A map offers a system of spiritual life rather than a list of assorted practices. A useful system will provide a balance of nurture and stretching. It will include our inner life and our outer life. In such a system our inclinations and gifts are supported and allowed to flourish and the less developed parts of us are drawn out and developed. 


Attending the whole workshop

You'll want to be there for the whole workshop. What happens in the first part is the base for what happens in each following step. If you arrive late you're going to have a difficult time participating.


Retreat Leaders

Bob Gallagher and Michelle Heyne - About Bob & Michelle