Diocese of New Jersey Creative Strategic Session

Seattle, Washington – June 11, 2018



Bob Gallagher, OA and Michelle Heyne, OA






Follow up materials


These AP books are primarily sold through the Episcopal Bookstore in Seattle. That store is in the process of closing down but is still selling stock.

If you find that in ordering from them they are out of any of these books -- contact Michelle Heyne. She'll figure out how to get a book to you.
   Includes a chapter on the Christian Life Model mentioned by your bishop
   Process of Change - Chapter 7 of the book


Organization Development books (note the field is called organization development not organizational development)


Organization Development: Behavioral Science Interventions for Organization Improvement, 6th Edition 6th Edition by Wendell L. French  (Author), Cecil H. Bell (Author)


The Corporate Culture Survival Guide by Edgar H. Schein (1999-09-01) by Edgar H. Schein  (Author)


If you do a search for Edgar Schein you'll find several books he's written all titled "Process Consultation."  What you call coaching he calls process consultation (or at least the two are cousins). In OD they talk about the difference between expert consultation and process consultation.


Materials we used or mentioned during the day

The packet - 20 pages with a number of models and theories

Developing Critical Mass

Intervention Theory

Congregational Options

OA orientation about parish development


You might be interested in --

Loren Mead -  The person responsible for getting the Episcopal Church, and then others, to engage the developmental issues of their parishes. 

The chart on the history of OD - Episcopal Church as an early adapter

     A short history of OD - goes with the chart



220 W. Olympic Place, Apt 202, Seattle, WA


Monday, June 11

Morning          Arrivals at Sea-Tac – meet up there once we know our arrival schedules

2:00 p.m.       Fill in Bob and Michelle Heyne on activities in Diocese of New Jersey, begin creative process

If the group agrees we might begin with a brief connecting exercise and each expressing what they hope to achieve in the day's work.

Evening Prayer - Feast of Saint Barnabas - Using format of Common Worship: Daily Prayer (Church of England)


Evening      Brainstorm potential approaches with CDI, Way of St. Paul, broader congregational development needs, schools of discipleship, etc.

  Return to hotels       Redeye flights out to NJ______Morning flights back to NJ


Our starting place

Michelle and Bob are working off of the assumption that our role is to participate with the group in its exploration of approaches to congregational development; to offer our ideas; and to provide some limited facilitation to keep us moving through the day. We are not trying to "sell" any particular approach or programs to the group. We will share our perspective as the conversation progresses. We are especially interested in learning about the Way of Saint Paul program and offering what we can that might be useful.

Possible advance work

You might look at these links if they seem possibly related to our conversation. We don't know if the group is considering making use of one of these programs or developing something similar for NJ. If that is along the lines of what you are considering, it may be useful for you to review the material below.

The training programs in parish development

Church Development Institute (DCDI) - run by Diocesan CDI (note Bob founded and directed the CDI effort, so there may be a bias)


College for Congregational Development (CCD)

About the program

Shaping the Parish - note this program is not active. We created it and ran it in the Diocese of Washington a number of years ago. The results were beyond what we were seeing in CDIs. The program required trainers with more skills and knowledge than in the other programs and seemed too complex to easily replicate. We left part of the web site up so others might make use of what we learned.

 The program    Learning Methods  

 Parish Development Clinic - A one week clinic done as part of the training of novices in the Order of the Ascension. 

The program

The formation program of the Order of the Ascension  


Understanding from Within: Working with Religious Systems - written for an audience of non church OD professionals.

The History of Parish Development in the Episcopal Church 

Loren Mead -  The person responsible for getting the Episcopal Church, and then others, to engage the developmental issues of their parishes. 

Two Schools of Congregational Development  - Living Church article on the history of the two largest programs DCDI and CCD