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   Developmental initiatives for the parish church


These initiatives are about significant and long-term change in the parish. This isn't tinkering. As such it will be useful for leaders to think in terms such as: a 3 - 5 year improvement process rather than a few months; whether the leadership expects to stay in place and not abandon this parish for another parish during the course of the work; and securing the needed support from other leaders and possibly the diocese, arranging for coaching and consultation assistance, and receiving additional training and education.


Some leaders may be inclined to look at these initiatives and think, "we need all of this." And in one sense that may be true. But if you try to do "all of this" you'll make yourself and everyone else crazy. Remember that strategic improvements in one area of a parish can set off improvement in other areas. You might also hold onto a bit of humility--attempts to create "the perfect" are spiritually disturbed undertakings. Finally, if you are stuck about where to begin--get help in thinking and praying it through.


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