Follow Up Material

This page offers participants in the Vestry Retreat 2013 resources they may want to use as they follow up on that day.

Retreat Day packet

Shape of the Parish Model

Spiritual Maps

This section includes the spiritual maps you were exposed to during the retreat and a one other.

In Your Holy Spirit

The Christian Life Model

Shaping Your Spiritual Life

The Episcopal Way - On our tradition's ethos and spirituality. Not a map in itself but a stance toward all spiritual maps

Related resource for sale - Anglican Spirituality: A program to increase the competency of parishioners in spiritual practices. Includes an educational design for a three and five session courses. It's a mix of presentation. discussion, and experiential activities. There are also a variety of handouts and resources for use in the course.

Includes additional spiritual maps: Threefold Rule of Prayer, A Map-worship and prayer, Benedictine Promise.

Cost: $40 Comes with permission to use the materials as a parish leader, diocesan staff person, or as a consultant. You may make as many copies as needed for your work over the next five years. Materials are not to be sold though you may charge for copying costs. 


Listening Methods

Communal Discernment

Survery Feedback in Parishes


Also see in Fill All Things pages 100, 107 - 116, 185 and In Your Holy Spirit: Shaping the Parish Through Spiritual Practice Chapters 4 and 5.


The Holy Eucharist

The Eucharist and the Formation of Christians 

Dom Gregory Dix - for meditation on the Eucharist  

Practices in the Holy Eucharist - Booklet for use with the congregation. Legal size paper lay out.

Be Present, Participate, and Engage:  The three primary ways people join in the Eucharist 

A Rite for the Blessing of Water


Your Spiritual Practice: A Rule of Life

Developing a Rule of Life - Worksheets

Rule of Life - About a Rule of Life 



Vestries: Choices and Alignment  - Word file

What to look for in a parish priest